Deprivation by Mehwish Akhtar (Jinnah University for Women)

  She feels a light kiss on her forehead. She is awake but doesn’t open her eyes because she doesn’t want to face him. When she hears his footsteps fading, she slowly opens her glittering eyes to get a last glimpse of him carrying a bag and the tears which she has been trying to suppress from last night, trickles down by the corner of her eyes. It was just a night before when reality hit her like a huge wave of grief, bringing her down to her knees, making her feel she won’t ever be able to strongly and boldly stand again to face whatever lies in her life ahead.   It is an evening of summer when sun sets late. She unexpectedly comes out of her room as this is the time she reserves for her studies and is never out of her room before sunset.She finds her father busy scribbling his pen on a piece of paper. She asks him whether they will go for swimming today because her father usually takes her for swimming on Saturday evenings. She finds him startle by her voice and at once tries to hide away that paper from her, placing
Source: News Pakistan

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