Fiction savvy could better understand others emotional situations: Study

AIMAN INAM LONDON: We often come across in our lives countless folks who are book aficionados. Some like science, history and art. Whereas, innumerable are really into fiction. Considering this, a study found fiction more powerful than any other genres. In their finding published by journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences, savants named some books like Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, The Autobiography of Malcolm X and The Color Purple. They asserted that such books could educate apropos tricky concerns like racism, poverty, teen anxiety, bullying, intimate orientation etc. Also, they might help you better understand your own and others feelings and emotions. Expressing his thoughts, a cognitive psychology professor from the University of Toronto, Keith Oatley notes that those who read fiction may comprehend people better than others. Fiction is actually a realization that can go from one mind to another. Reading can assist you carefully assess your feelings regarding particular problems or people. Also, your emotional intelligence could be enhanced by reading fictions. As a result, you could do better when it comes to your love and family life and associations with your colleagues. Elaborating on further, academics cited the character of Harry Potter and his effort to […]

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