Jet Express Inc.

Jet Express is the express company based on the development of technology and internet resources. It supports delivery services along the intercity, interstate, and along with the nation because of its exclusive network. Today it becomes able to establish its limited business network from Indonesia to Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Now it is approaching the Philippines. Jet Express is creating its long-term services in an advanced IT system to provide its quality services to the customers. It also provides trucking services. The company also offers truckload freight, heavy hauling, and maximum transportation services to serves its customers all over the United States.

Jet express Inc. Principles and Core Values:

Jet Express is working on the principle of fast and on-time delivery. Through this principle, they have expanded their business network from Indonesia to Southeast Asian countries. It also makes the online services available for its customers to make the product more worthwhile and valuable. They encourage consumers to do trade on the high ranking platform e-Commerce. Jet Express is becoming the high ranking company just because of its core values that are:
  • Upholding liabilities
  • Sharing services
  • Responsibilities
  • Result oriented
Jet express commodities include concrete, building supplies, soil, containers, furniture plastic, skidded freight, pieces of equipment, and wood products. Pieces of equipment available on the jet express are flat desk, step desk, super B, Roll-tite, double drop, and dry van.

Goals of Jet express:

Their main goals are as follows:
  • To provide high-quality products and better services to their valued clients.
  • Use volunteer drivers to provide one way and round-trip rides.
  • Keep helping the adults so they remain independent and easily moves in society.
  • Offer better facilities to empower their employees.
Jet express only demands to pack the packages carefully before the arrival of the rider. Just pack your packages according to the safety of the material inside the package. They don’t usually deliver the goods like narcotic drugs, items prohibited by national laws, Perishable items, specimens of various animals or animal corpse, inappropriate packaging material, and biological detergents.

Feasibility for Employees and Clients:

A company implements a Bring Your Device Program (BYOD) for all the employees to make sure that all have direct access to online work at any time. They have provided many facilities to their employees to make the connection better between the courier and their branches well improved. On the other hand, it also endows the couriers to better reach their customers by getting access to their navigation apps, this will be a more efficient way. They provide booking services through the following platforms and advises to monitor your package before the given time:
  • Website
  • Mobile application
  • 24/7 hotline


Recently, Jet Express Inc. forged an enterprise relationship with the country’s best leading companies of smart communication and telecommunication. This partnership is supposed to be very much helpful in building direct services by improving the ability of the front-line staff and to the customers.