Mother’s milk combats life-threatening infections among newborns: study

AIMAN INAM   LONDON: It has been discovered in a novel research that a sort of sugar found in mother’s milk could keep infants off from contamination by means of a fatal bacterium. The study explained that breast milk consists of lacto-n-difucohexaose I, a particular sugar generated in almost half of all ladies all across the globe. It could slay the Group B streptococcus bacteria, a widespread cause of meningitis including the foremost cause of a variety of infections in babies. Human milk oligosaccharides, combination of numerous kinds of sugar, act as food for the friendly bacteria in a newborn’s intestine. This could get over any detrimental micro-organisms in the child’s gut.  Study senior researcher and post-doctoral student from the Imperial College London, Nicholas Andreas noted: “The study suggests that these breast milk sugars (human milk oligosaccharides) may protect against infections in the newborn, such as rotavirus and Group B streptococcus.” Females with genetic material associated to the Lewis antigen system, a hereditary structure engaged in producing the A,B,O blood group , have been reported less liable to have the microbes in their gut. In addition, their children were too less likely to get the bacteria from their mums at

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