Scientists claim just minting money does not guarantee happiness!

AIMAN INAM NEW YORK: It is a pop notion that money makes a man happy. Hence, people run after merchandise, burning candles at both ends 24/7. However, is it really worth it? It has been claimed in a recently published study on the rat race for money, that there is always another side of a coin that embraces negative aspects to this chase. The research recruited around 349 college students and a troupe of 389 contributors so as to determine this. They set out to identify with impacts of financial position, money-oriented morals and significance of financial objectives on humans personal life. Their up shots revealed that those, who are really into minting money and based their self-respect on financial success, have been reported with less autonomy. Also, they demonstrated extremely non-constructive and emotional approaches such as grief and rage. That led them towards stress and negative feelings. Researchers have reported their study in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. They have maintained  that we can oust such negative effects by considering our strengths and power. P.S. We can observe in today’s world, our materialistic society reckons money as the solution to every problem. It is so to a certain extent but […]

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