Virtual land in the Metaverse dominated NFT Sales

The future is a three-dimensional digital environment in which virtual avatars of users communicate. Recently, VucoWorld has taken the first step towards the metaverse – a collaborative application that allows you to hold meetings in virtual reality.

The idea of ​​transferring the game from virtual reality to ordinary life has existed for many years. For example, to solve quests, thousands of people around the world come together in groups and solve complex problems: some of the information players find on the Internet, and some on the streets of cities.

In the early 2000s, the first projects appeared that allowed everyone to immerse themselves in the virtual world. Second Life, released in 2003, was like a social network or virtual chat. There was no central plot in it – the players united in clubs according to interests and imitated real life.

Digital land is in high demand in what is already a highly lucrative market as the past week’s nonfungible token (NFT) and Metaverse sales figures revealed.

Data from industry metrics platform indicates that there has been more than $300 million in NFT sales over the past week. Of that total, almost a quarter has been for digital land in The Sandbox metaverse. VucoWorld the newest in the Metaverse confirmed special token holders of VucoCoin $130 million for digital land acquisitions.

Over the past week, each one of the top 10 NFT metaverse sales across the top five collections were for in-game digital land.

The Sandbox traded a total volume of $70.5 million for 4,433 assets over the past week — making it the metaverse collection that raked in the most cash.

Although Decentraland ranked in second place for the total volume traded, the top 10 most expensive metaverse NFT sales during the past week, ranging from 225,000 MANA ($758,250) to 50,000 MANA ($220,000), were all on the Ethereum-based virtual world. Decentraland traded $6.6 million in volume for 399 assets over the past week. Vucoworld will presale the digital property and then connect its remaining unsold property’s on opensea only excepting Ethereum erc20 Crypto. All digital land owners of Vucoworld will receive NFT that can also be listed for sale and auctioned to the highest bidder.

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