Want to be satisfied with life? Spend time in nature!

AIMAN INAM MARYLAND: Due to their demanding and busy schedule, up-to-the-minute folks eventually suffer from stress. This rising chaos is getting difficult to cope with. Due to pressure and tension, it becomes difficult to be satisfied and content with our lives. In view of this, savants discovered a simple yet the most effective way to ward off stress: Hiking in a forest and embracing natural milieu. Academics from the Oregon State University claimed that apart from keeping you relaxed, this will certainly perk-up the life satisfaction and well being of individuals on the whole. So as to determine this, the scholars have gone through the records of 4,400 participants after conducting an online survey. The connoisseurs used 13 dissimilar metrics (such as community activities, exposure to wild environment, pressure relieved by time spending outsides and faith in policymakers) to exemplify the association amid general life happiness and slotting in with the natural surroundings. Their findings suggested that those, who engaged with natural environment, have been reported more satisfied with their lives. Also, it is to be noted that reliance in authority was also important predictor of life contentment. Their up shots have been detailed in the the Journal of Environmental Psychology. […]

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